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4/20/09 8:49:54PM
Now that is officialy dubbed as Evans vs Machida, and is the next event I am going to start the trash talk. Lyoto has Rashad beat in every aspect of the game. Thats right even wrestling. Lyotos TD defense is very storied. Tito a great wrestler and Soku and top level judo guy couldnt get Lyoto down. On top of that he is the most elusive fighter in the UFC. On top of that Rashad has veered away from his wrestling as of late. And if he thinks he can Stand with sadly mistaken. I am going on a limb and saying Rashad wont make it out of the 2nd rnd. WAR MACHIDA!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think will be the ending of this fight?
4/20/09 9:47:02PM
Yeah I agree Rashad is not going to do well, I have him getting KO'd in the 3rd. I am not the biggest Machida fan but this match up is definitely in his favor. I hope Rashad tries that kiss blowing crap and gets punched in the mouth!
4/20/09 9:52:05PM

Rashad has better wrestling.

Machida is not a lock though.

Should be a good fight though, considering they are both undefeated. Unless it ends in like a draw or something.

4/20/09 10:24:17PM
All signs point to YES!

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4/20/09 10:33:10PM
I have Lyoto as a lock for being undefeated until retirement and being pound for pound king assuming GSP eventually finds a worthy challenger and Anderson retiring. Plus I see Fedor retiring at some point the next year and a half, there's not much left to accomplish short of a UFC belt.

But I think Lyoto will probably retire a year or two after winning the belt.

But while he fights I do see him being unbeatable. Damian Maia might be able to beat him if he's able to beat a guy like Silva. But that move up in weight would probably never happen.
4/20/09 11:25:36PM
I dont know about wrestling. he has solid defence against body locks due to his sumo back ground but i dont know if his sprawl could stuff a rashad double leg. That being siad i thinks its a 3 round tko with lyoto picking him for the first 2 rounds then finishing him.
btw did anyone see the add on espn? it had a picture of t. silva instead of rashad
4/20/09 11:29:29PM
4/20/09 11:59:42PM

Posted by grappler0000

All signs point to YES!

Gotta spread the love, 8 ball jacket...classic. High Five Jerry!
4/21/09 12:28:00AM
2007 tough me no fight should be considered a lock, let alone Rashad vs Machida this fight will be close
4/21/09 1:00:01AM
and rashad stands a chance. he's wrestling is better and he hits harder. i think this fight will be contingent on whether or not rashad can get lyoto to engage him. rashad would need to tko him to win though, cause he's not walking a away with a decision and i doubt he could submit lyoto
4/21/09 9:52:25AM
Rashad is going to be exposed on the feet in my opinion. He's going to be dancing around like usual, but he's not going to be able to hit Machida with a looping overhand. He'll get picked apart and outpointed.
4/21/09 10:08:58AM

I'm surprised Lyoto can breathe with the amount of hugs his nuts are taking!!!

My god, seriously people it's getting ridiculous...

To suggest that a guy who has never wrestled before fighting and has only done Judo which is silly flamboyant throws that almost never work in real life is better than a highly ranked colligate wrestler is ridiculous!

Lyoto has a legitimate chance at winning don't get me wrong he is probably the favorite... But it makes me laugh so hard that people think this guy who has knocked out 2 people (look it up his other knockouts are a cut and forfeit!) can knock out a guy who has never been knocked out!!

Please guys think!!!

It's okay to like a guy but NO ONE EVER is a lock!

Okay I'm done!
4/21/09 10:25:15AM

Posted by The_Italian_Stallion

It's okay to like a guy but NO ONE EVER is a lock!

4/21/09 10:36:42AM
I wouldnt go so far as to say he is better at every aspect of the game, Rashad has a definate advantage in wrestling and possibly KO power.

That said, I also like Machida in this one, but I think this fight could possibly go either way. Both undefeated, both have looked dominant lately.

Im taking Machida based on the fact that I think his sprawl is good enough not to get taken down and he will pick Evans apart with counter striking. I mean how can you go against a guy whose never even lost a round in the ufc?
4/21/09 12:34:30PM
I think this is going to be a boring fight lyoto isn't going in to bang and I can see Rashad standing back waiting there will be no KOs in this one with his in and out style machita will win a UD
4/21/09 1:42:45PM
Here are some things I'm interested to see in this fight-

Will Rashad attempt takedowns?
Will Rashad step forward with the overhand right to counter Machida's in-n-out style?
Will Lyoto be able to trip takedown Rashad?
Will Lyoto capitalize on Rashad's hand defense by using feints?
Will Rashad be willing to kick?

These are all very interesting things to look for when you consider the style match up in this fight IMO. I am not counting Rashad out of this one at all just because he's so fast and can take a punch
4/21/09 2:16:22PM
I really hope Machida can best Evans in this fight.

But I'm not counting Evans out because every time I count him out he ends up winning.
4/21/09 5:40:12PM
Mark my words, Machida will expose Evans on the ground.

Rashad struggled to get Tito down, and Lyoto made it look easy, so his wrestling is extremely under-rated. Tito nearly subbed Rashad at the end of the second too, so I really wouldn't be shocked if Lyoto managed to make him tap.
4/21/09 8:15:17PM
Rashad is going to win with a 4th or 5th round KO-TKO is what I believe!!!
4/21/09 8:19:55PM
Lyotos stance makes it extremely difficult to get a double leg takedown on him.

and clinch fighters have had even less success grabbing a hold of him.

Rashad may have the better wrestling in technical terms, but rashads takedowns are not better then Lyoto's takedown defense.
4/21/09 8:52:01PM
What happened to all the machida hate... Machida is so great, machida is the best, machida will expose... blah blah blah

i am undecided on whether or not rashad will be able to connect with his power or be able to control or even takedown machida...

i dont know who the hell i am picking yet

p.s. im not really a fan of either but i want to see rampage vs rashad for the belt so i will probably cheer for evans
4/21/09 9:04:15PM
Lyoto by Unanimous Decision
4/22/09 5:40:50PM
I don't know I like Rashad but Machida knows MMA well, he might be boring but knows the game real well. I hope Rashad hands him his first loss, but I dont know.
4/22/09 8:13:23PM

Posted by FedortoAll

Mark my words, Machida will expose Evans on the ground.

Rashad struggled to get Tito down, and Lyoto made it look easy, so his wrestling is extremely under-rated. Tito nearly subbed Rashad at the end of the second too, so I really wouldn't be shocked if Lyoto managed to make him tap.

Tito almost subbed Machida as well (I blieve)so I think that is a draw since he isn't really known for subs. However, if there is one thing we should know by now is that there are very few "locks" nowadays in MMA. Lyoto's style is an enigma but who better to analyze it and come up with a gameplan then Greg Jackson. Rashad's wrestling is dynamic and adapting well to MMA. Also you cannot doubt he has power. His combination of speed and power make him very unpredictable.

Lyoto is the favorite but by no means a lock.
4/22/09 8:47:21PM
i can see Evans catching lyoto at some point in the 25 min, but lyoto is definitely going to be ahead on the score cars
4/22/09 9:49:24PM
One thing i've learned from Rashad is to never count him out. I wouldn't be surprised if he beats Lyoto. It would be very Rashad like of him.
4/26/09 11:54:10AM
I think the fight will end with Rashads hand raised in the air and the title around his waist as they tend to Machida in the corner........

gonna be a great fight, similar in ability, and gameplan.....Either guy can win, i will be happy with either guy winning, but i see Rashad winning via KO late.
4/26/09 4:38:43PM

''Judo which is silly flamboyant throws that almost never work in real life''

Judo works ive only just started mma, and ive submitted people and taken them down using my judo experiance alone some of the throws cant be adapted to mma because of the fact u dont wear gi's in the octagon, but to say that it almost never works is just stupid, it teaches u throws, take downs, leg sweeps, submissions, how to pass guards, using defensive and open guards effectively, theres nothing wrong with judo it just depends on the fighter, just go back to final conflict 2003 and look how well the 1 sided judo fighter yoshida do against the well rounded in his prime wanderlai silva :)
4/26/09 5:13:19PM
It will be interesting. Machida has never fought anyone as powerful as evans but evans has never fought someone who is elusive.
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