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7/15/08 4:27:40PM

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While I think Machida is a winner, once he gets taken down that will change, I mean, Tito had he been a little more adaptive should have just jits'd him when he had him...but I think Machida isn't in line as far as a title shot. Rampage is there, and then I think as some have said the winners of Wandy/Machida - Chuck/Rashad then fight, in the meantime Rampage either fights that winner or gets the rematch, if it's a rematch then that winner gets the next shot. Although you would have to say what about Forrest getting his rematch, so it my be better to let Rampage fight the winner of the afore mentioned bouts, although that could be a long sit for both Rampage and Forrest...?

Who can take him down? Tito didnt even come close, and he has some of the better td's in teh division.

Used to have some of the best takedowns. His takedowns are from shooting and his shots are getting slower and more telegraphed. It happens to wrestlers who don't clinch but shoot. Matt Hughe's shot is getting a lot slower.

Someone who can work a clinch game will hurt him, i.e. Wandy & Shogun. Then you have guys with heavyhands that will pose a problem for him, Chuck & Rampage Plus Rampage has no problem clinching. You have Vera dropping down to 205 now. So there is competition for him to fight. Beating Tito should not get him a title shot. He alot of guys he can fight first. Guys that will band and clinch

he was talking takedowns, all i was saying is theres very few in that division with better takedowns than tito even at this point . Rampage is the only person you mentioned there who takes people down... other than chuck & vera, the guys you mentioned are who i see giving machida the most problems.

I agree, someone who can take a shot and hits back real hard or someone with a clincg game will give him problems
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