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5/2/11 10:20:22AM
With his third career "Knockout of the Night" win at this past weekend's UFC 129 event, former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida (17-2 MMA, 9-2 UFC) reversed a trend of recent defeats that had many MMA observers questioning his viability as a current UFC contender.

The leaping front kick finish that appeared part Anderson Silva, part "Karate Kid," led Randy Couture to call it a career – not to mention schedule a dental appointment to replace a few incisors.

Following the win, Machida admitted the pressure was on heading into the fight. Now he's hoping to use a refined approach to training (as well as Steven Seagal's advice) to make it back to the top.

5/2/11 11:17:26AM
5/2/11 12:13:48PM
give me a break please.
5/2/11 12:41:24PM
Make it sound like Randy was not already saying that he was done if they don't want to offer him anything more.
5/2/11 1:18:05PM

Posted by cowcatcher

I wouldn't doubt he thinks that. He probably influenced the Seal that shot Osama through one of his old movies.
5/3/11 1:11:28AM
Brazilian sources say that Machida and Silva eat KIX before every fight:

(Photoshop isn't one of my strong skills lol)

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5/3/11 3:14:26AM
I really wonder who his next opponent will be. I can't really think of anybody right now.
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