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5/20/08 4:29:07AM
The third, and in many ways, key player in Saturday night’s Tito Ortiz-Dana White drama: unbeaten Brazilian-born Lyoto Machida.

Machida, who years ago was groomed for superstar status in Japan but never quite achieved it, may have his career in the U.S. determined largely based on Saturday’s fight.

He’ll either be remembered as the guy who sent Ortiz out of the UFC with his tail between his legs, and in the process put himself in line for a light heavyweight title shot, or he’ll be the guy whose loss led to one of the company’s most embarrassing moments, allowing former light heavyweight champion Ortiz to upstage White, UFC’s president.

White almost never talks about whom he wants to see win a fight, but he’s publicly stated he wants Machida to beat the hell out of Ortiz.

5/20/08 8:04:53AM
MAN, I CAN"T WAIT for this fight. I love Machida! I love watching this dude fight, love his camp, love him.

Even more than how much I love Machida, I am gonna LOVE watching his kick the shit out of tito.


He deserves a shot at Rampage, after Rampage kills Forrest.
5/20/08 9:30:50AM
I would like to see Machida win,beacause it will help boost his career even more and he's a great fighter,but man it would be worth seeing Dana's face if Tito was able to pull off a very decisive win.
5/20/08 1:24:31PM
I hope Machida finishes Tito early just to rub it in his face....Tito has been doing way to many interviews lately and i just cant stand to hear anything else he has to say.....Please Machida annialate this man and shut him up for good....
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