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2/27/07 6:43:30PM
The whole business of his catch weight fight with Danzig stinks. Makes me wonder about what Pride does without NSAC oversite in Japan. Mad props to Mac, he showed great heart
2/27/07 7:26:03PM
Yeah I was reading Greg Savage's article on Sherdig which elaborate on this.
I will paste the part about Sak's weight.

I guess my biggest beef with last weekend's card had to be the handling of the Hayato Sakurai (Pictures)-Mac Danzig (Pictures) weight situation. According to Danzig and his manager Monte Cox the bout was supposed to be at 160 pounds. When the contract finally came a few days before the bout it stated 163 as the weight.

Danzig is a smaller lightweight and routinely fights at 155, while Sakurai and Gomi are the reason PRIDE set their lightweight division at 160. When Danzig's camp protested, they were told that the fight would have to be at a catch weight since the division limit is 155 in Nevada. When they asked why it wasn't going to be the same 160 that the Gomi-Diaz fight was taking place at, they were told to take it or leave it.

On the surface it looks as if both Gomi and Sakurai were being given the best opportunity to win. For Gomi, his opponent had been fighting at 170 and would need to cut an additional 10 pounds — something that didn't hamper Diaz after all. Sakurai came in at 164 and apparently had to cut pretty hard to get there. On the other hand, Danzig didn't cut at all and stepped on the scale at 160.

Now I am not sure it would have made any difference seeing how good Sakurai is, but it is a black eye for the promotion. First of all why are they waiting until the week of the fight to send out a contract? Secondly, what was the impetus for the choice of the weight if Sakurai could make the normal 160-pound limit? This is something that tears away at the legitimacy of the organization and it needs to be remedied.

Seems unprofessional and unfair to me also.Savage's point's are well founded IMO.It's a shame because Mach is a legend, he doesn't need any help to me.
2/27/07 7:41:36PM
Wow i didnt hear that.....yea that seems very unfair. Just like all other sports the stars get favored
2/27/07 9:07:53PM
I hope it is plain favoritism and not gang influence directly towards this bout. The whole Gomi/Diaz thing was weird too. They told Nick he was fighting but it wouldn't be Gomi or Mach. Diaz's camp figured it prob would be. Guess what, a few weeks later Pride says oh by the way, you ARE fighting Gomi!
2/27/07 9:32:27PM
Thanks for adding that hippy. I shoulda had that on my post at the start.
2/27/07 11:52:29PM
Youre welcome, and it's hippySMACKA!
2/28/07 2:03:28AM

Posted by hippysmacker

Youre welcome, and it's hippySMACKA!

You would have a field day with the hippies living in my area
2/28/07 3:18:56AM
I live in Boulder Co, we have the highest per capita hippie rate in the country. To be really honest though a lot of the young smelly ones now live in the surronding mountinous areas due to lack of financial resource. The city is over flowing with rich old hippies.
2/28/07 3:56:56AM
LOL at "hippy" talk.
2/28/07 4:47:05AM

Sakurai and Gomi are the reason PRIDE set their lightweight division at 160

Didn't Gomi used to fight at 155 in Shooto?
2/28/07 9:32:48AM

Posted by Buddharox

Sakurai and Gomi are the reason PRIDE set their lightweight division at 160

Didn't Gomi used to fight at 155 in Shooto?

He did. But i think he bulked up a bit and has trouble getting down.

When i heard that Mach was fighting at 163 i knew some rotten stuff was up. Why would thye just have a random weight? Think about it, it had to be Sakurai, noone would change a fight weight for a unknown guy, Mac Danzig. So i do think that Mac was bullied into it. Nobody knew the fight was gonna be at 163 until the event happened. And apparently Mac didnt know until 2 days before. This is crap im my mind. Sakurai just used his star power to bully Mac into a tough deal. Think about it how could Mac Danzig turn it down? It was his chance at the big time, this was his first fight in a big org. He couldnt turn away and get on bad terms with DSE. That would be career sucide. I think Sakurai knew this and just pushed the deal onto Mac. Simply because Sakuarai had a hard time making weight. Which is something that IMO is has big a part of fighting as training before hand. Fighters have got to learn that making weight is crucial.
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