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7/14/09 9:51:27AM
Jason MacDonald opened a lot of eyes when he first arrived to the UFC in October 2006, as his first two wins were against well-known fighters Ed Herman and Chris Leben.

7/14/09 9:55:36AM
If he scores a couple wins elsewhere I am sure he'll get another chance in the UFC. He really needs to work on his wrestling though, otherwise he'll be a gatekeeper.
7/14/09 10:22:17AM
Was the title supposed to be a joke because I thought it was funny.

But I was thinking

MacDonald on a UFC run: But he is not getting any burgers!
7/14/09 12:46:12PM
i like jason i hope he comes back next year just in time for canada event
7/14/09 1:06:20PM
yeh jmac was one of my favorites. hes not the best fighter but just his style, personality won me over. he seems like a good dude
7/14/09 1:37:28PM

MacDonald on UFC Run: I Lost Fights To Better Fighters
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