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6/19/08 11:47:30AM

“He’s a very high-level jiu-jitsu fighter, a five-time champion in fact. I’ve got a lot of respect for what he’s done in the jiu-jitsu world. But I think we’ve seen time and time again that good mixed martial artists have been able to defeat high-level jiu-jitsu guys. Take even the other night in London, where Kevin Burns, in his first UFC fight, was able to get a triangle choke on Roan Carneiro, who is a high-level black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Maia is not like B.J. Penn who is great in jiu-jitsu but also dominant in all other facets. He is still fairly new to the MMA side of things so I’m hoping to go out there and put on a strong mixed martial arts fight and do much like what Nate Marquardt did to Dean Lister.”

6/19/08 11:51:27AM
yeah an mma fight that jason will LOSE! Go Maia
6/19/08 12:03:08PM
you want Mixed Martial Arts Mr. MacDonald?
hows this:

Maia will put you in a textbook style jitz triangle, then show off his boxing skills by repeatedly smashing you in the face. Tap, go to sleep, or get KO'ed it doesn't matter to us.
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6/19/08 3:31:32PM
if that's what he needs to tell himself to give himself a shot in this fight, I'm all for it but Maia is going to submit him.
6/19/08 5:32:33PM
Of course Jason is going to say this. Every fight your in you better think your gonna win. It's a necesity. But on the other hand, Jason is not going to win this fight. He's got a better chance than people think, but he will lose.
6/19/08 7:14:55PM
Maia by utter destruction. Sub in 1st minute of 1st round
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