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4/25/08 7:50:17AM
“The Ultimate Fighter” season six winner, Mac Danzig, proved he belongs among the growing list of top lightweights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship after defeating Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Mark Bocek by submission at UFC 83 in Montreal.

4/25/08 9:13:20AM
Hopefully his knee injury isnt bad, didnt know he had one.
4/25/08 12:04:44PM
I can agree this is a great win for Danzig but I don't think it really means as much as mmaweekly is saying about his BJJ skills. Yes, he submitted a BJJ black belt but Bocek was looking for a way out of that fight due to all the damage he was taking. He took the easiest out and gave up his back to Danzig...

Great win, still impressed with Mac but this submission doesn't mean he has a "proven ground game".

Danzig is a good all around fighter and now training with xtreme Couture he can only get better!
4/25/08 6:17:13PM
well.. it didnt come up.. oh well.. anyhow that sucks to hear. Hopefully it doesnt put him out for a while... i enjoyed the fight.. I can't wait untile he is even more seasoned.. he might make an impact
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