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4/23/08 2:12:41PM
Mac Danzig may be one of the most accomplished fighters yet to win Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling the same pressure to live up to the hype that other winners have labored under. His submission victory over Mark Bocek on his first UFC pay-per-view this past Saturday was a good start to his UFC career, but Danzig is hoping that it’s just the beginning.

In this exclusive Cage Potato interview Danzig talks about the price of celebrity, about his future in the UFC’s lightweight division, and about his hard-fought victory in Montreal. First of all, congratulations on your victory. Looking at this matchup beforehand, it seemed like you were a pretty heavy favorite, 5-1 according to some of the betting lines. Were you expecting Mark Bocek to be as tough as he was?

Yeah, I knew it would be a really tough fight. I thought it had potential to be tougher than it was. The betting lines don’t really mean anything to me and I try not to look at them. I was kind of pissed when I did see them, actually, because I thought to myself, ‘Man, they’re not giving this guy enough credit.’

4/23/08 3:41:11PM
Nice read.

Danzig is growing on me. The guy has really solid skills. He seems like he's a very intelligent guy. I expect him to make a nice run in the LW division. Not sure if he will ever win the title but he will be a tough fight for anyone.
4/23/08 4:01:36PM
This is one of the guys that i dont think will get stuck with the TUF Stigma because he was such an experienced fighter before he went on the show. Hes a very intelligent, likeable guy with great all around skills and a great mind for the game.

If the UFC was smart, they would use him as one of their poster boys with the mainstream media because he comes off so good in interviews.
4/23/08 4:12:17PM
"Mac Danzig Talks Latest Win, TUF Stigma, and More"

... and does so in a droning monotone.

His post fight interview was great, he actually showed emotion, he needs to do that more often.

And don't forget, Mac: Be nice to Bowman
4/23/08 6:07:04PM

Posted by SSPink

And don't forget, Mac: Be nice to Bowman

That shit was great.
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