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3/13/09 2:26:39PM
Thursday was cause for celebration for Lyoto Machida, as learned he will be getting the shot at the UFC light heavyweight title, now held by Rashad Evans, he so craved. The about face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in giving what would have been Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s chance at the belt had to do with the heavyweight title unification bout at UFC 98 being nixed, due to an unfortunate training injury suffered by interim heavyweight title holder Frank Mir.

3/13/09 3:59:58PM
this guy has a great head on his shoulders and i feel a KO comin from him so keep an eye out people
3/13/09 5:05:41PM
I definitely agree with the guy above me. Lyoto by KO
3/13/09 5:25:17PM
agian as i always say Rashad by KO 4th or 5th round
3/13/09 5:28:00PM
I don't get all of the hoopla about Rampage getting bent, it's not like he won't get the winner, and it's also not as if Lyoto does not deserve this. I think I might have to flip a coin in the end, but as of now I think Machida will win this one. I foresee some flip flopping in the coming months.
3/13/09 6:37:00PM

I have been saying that Lyoto was going to be champ for god knows how long now and putting up with those hating his style, calling him boring and picking him to lose every fight he has been in. His time has finaly come. Now we will have the first dominant Champ in the LHW division since Chuck.

I can't understand how anyone can not find his fighting style facinating.
3/13/09 8:00:27PM
Lets go Rashad!!!
3/13/09 8:13:27PM
Man in my whole history of chosing fights on the Playground, I have never chosen against Rashad.
This might be the first time I do.
I can't say for sure, but this fight has got me torn between straight down the damn middle.

I might be streching the importance of this match a bit, but i'm going on a limb and saying this could very well be the most significant fight in the history of the LHW division.

I'm so excited for this fight!
3/23/09 11:55:20AM
Lyoto is the best.
He is a true warrior
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