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7/18/08 10:11:19PM
Machida will make Silva look like a complete am. fighter. Silva's only advantage is his BJJ, and he doesn't have that great of takedowns. Machida will embarass him.

Machida 2nd rd TKO
7/20/08 8:53:16AM
hmmm i go with machida by decision its gonna be an all out war winner should take one the winner of rashad n liddell hmmm out of dese 4 who u think will destroy forrest?
7/21/08 12:31:04AM
I can't stand to watch machida fight; i find him to be boring and i feel like he doesn't try too hard to finish the fights. I imagine this style doesn't appeal much to the casual or new fans either, and that would make it bad for the sport since MMA is young and needs to keep expanding its audience. However, (unfortunately) I must admit Machida is going to win this fight. Maybe he'll get a title shot and become the UFC's least charismatic champion.
7/22/08 4:38:39AM
Machida's style is not Muay Thai its karate and so he has that mentality of sticking and moving and avoiding punishment while in Muay Thai we go and destroy DESTROY DESTROY doesn't matter if you cover up I will eventually crush your guard and knee your teeth out :D
7/22/08 12:20:20PM
I am probably one of the biggest Machida fans on this site, but this match makes me a tad nervous. I'm actually surprised so many people are choosing Machida to run all over Silva. I think Machida will win, but this could easily be his toughest fight to date.
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