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11/10/08 1:19:44PM
“I think the fight will be the synthesis of the modern MMA, will have everything: takedowns, striking and I think we’ll do everything that exists in MMA, and the fight might be a stand up one. I consider you a tough guy, but I think my technique is superior.”


Tatame LINK
11/10/08 1:44:21PM
this is going to be an awesome match.. if the winner of this does not get the title shot it is complete BS.
11/10/08 1:48:03PM
Sigh... I can't wait for this fight to happen. Thiago will be thoroughly embarassed. Gotta give it to Machida for showing Thiago much respect. Machida knows this fight is his no matter where it goes. I'm sorry to the Thiago fans out there, but I really do think he's far from a top ten or even twenty fighter. Lets admit it. The only one he's been really impressive against is Houston Alexander... People want to like him because of his image and attitude. Got news for you. He's not a badass like he thinks he is. Lyoto couldn't have any easier an opponent to get a title shot.

Edit: before you reply, know that I'm not saying Thiago is a turd. He's good. Good enough to be in the UFC even. But he's not what he thinks he is or what the fans hope he'll be.
11/10/08 5:31:02PM
I think Thiago is top ten. He hasn't faced a lot of top competition but he's faced some tough guys and he's finished 12 of his 13 fights. He has a ridiculously solid base in mount and anyone is going to be in trouble if he gets on top. Tomasz Drwal and Antonio Mendes were two really tough up and comers that a lot of people hadn't heard of, but they were solid tests beaten handily.

I agree it's not going to be a tough fight for Machida unless it goes to the ground. Thiago has tat chute boxe style of bull-rushing forward with strikes and throwing caution to the wind. Big mistake against Machida because he is tailor made to beat that kind of style with quick movement and counter striking. The agrression of Thiago will make this an awesome fight becase it will bring out the best in Lyoto and maybe people will understand his style a little more.
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