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5/18/09 1:23:33PM
Saturday, Lyoto Machida may well wind up finishing what Minoki Ichihara started.

Ichihara, if not the pioneering karateka to step into a mixed-rules ring, was certainly the first to do it for the benefit of a television satellite truck. An elite daido juku fighter in Japan -- a hybrid of judo and kyokushin karate -- Ichihara admitted himself in the 16-man draw of the second Ultimate Fighting Championship in March 1994.

5/18/09 2:20:22PM

It’s a blend of technique that’s had answers for everyone from Rich Franklin (good striker with Western sensibilities) to Thiago Silva (jiu-jitsu, aggression) to Tito Ortiz (power, power, power).

Good stuff.
5/18/09 11:17:20PM
Good story. I a picking Machida by decision unless Rashad connects with an "uppercut from h*ll"
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