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2/14/09 2:49:43AM
Just a vid of Lyoto sparring, and pretty much owning another Karate BB.

2/14/09 7:31:53PM
Thanx for the vid. Machida looks good even when he's horsing around. To me it looked like they were sparring but not "training" Either way i liked it
2/15/09 1:57:05PM
The other guy didn't look very good and I'm not sure I buy him as a legitimate black belt in karate. According to the description he has some MMA fights, too.

I"m not sure what type of sparring they were doing. They kicked to the legs a few times which would imply Kyukoshin but they seemed to stop after clean techniques landed which would be more in line with traditional point-sparring.

Putting those two things together I get the feeling that Machida's partner was a guy who didn't train kareate exclusively, if at all, and he was simply trying to get a bit of work in with Machida where he could find it. I don't think Machida had to try very hard to look good and I think there were plenty of other people who could have done the same.
2/15/09 5:56:32PM
I have to believe that the guy is a legit BB. But my brother is a BB in Shotokan and wouldn't stand a chance with Machida. Machida also practices Shotokan karate. Looks like it was a freindly exchange haveing a good time. more exposure to Machida for the MMA world on the Internet.
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