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4/30/09 5:04:24PM
I know the @ say they will never fight, but if they did, Who do you think would win>? and why?

Lately it seems like anderson has been following Lyoto in way so he doesnt take damage and still wins. Anyone else notice this???????
4/30/09 5:25:03PM
Anderson does not take much damage if any at all.It wud be very interesting fight if it ever came of in which i think it wont.I think Machida is up there with the very best LH in the world and Anderson is by for the best middle weight in the world and may be the best p4p fighter in the world.If they do meet it wud be at 205 and a sorry but i cud not pick a winner may be if it comes off a will just spin a coin for the winner.
4/30/09 7:17:11PM

I have to go with Machida because he is faster and has better wrestling. He would make Anderson work and would most likely end up winning the decision with strike/dodge tactics. Also I think it's time Silva lost it's been a long time even though he is an amaing fighter he has seemed quite egotistical lately. The whole point is moot because Silva has said he will never fight his friend Machida. Either way Machida by UD.To sum it up, Machida is a bigger/stronger version of Anderson. My brave prediction is that Lyoto Machida would beat Anderson Silva at 185 in round 3 (out of 5) if they were to ever meet in the octagon.
4/30/09 9:18:52PM
Machida, most likely. His style is elusive enough to avoid Anderson's striking and he would have a huge size advantage. He threw Tito around like a kid. Machida would be able to take Anderson down and control the fight there without taking too much damage on the feet.

Machida by UD.
4/30/09 9:31:53PM
I think this fight is such a coin flip. They are both two of the most impressive fighters in the brief history of MMA. They have similarities in their styles. Definitely a tough fight to call. It could be an awesome match but it would all depend on whether they both came out aggressively or if they both came out passively. There isn't much of a chance of one being aggressive, because it would play into the strength of the other and both fighters are too smart to do that. It would be the ultimate chess match in the cage IMO.

4/30/09 10:23:53PM
Hardest fight to call im MMA history in my book. Ive got no idea who Id pick. Im feel pretty comftorble in saying this fight will NEVER happen though.
4/30/09 10:33:01PM
Break into their training camp and watch 'em spar. There's your answer!

I'd lean towards Machida, but who knows. It would be awesome
4/30/09 11:59:54PM
I think it's interesting as hell, and/but too close to call. It's one of those fights that would come down to "any given night"... prob'ly 50/50. It's all about who's "more on" on the night they fight. Whoever gets their plan going and gets a good rythm gets the adv right away, can the other recover or can the aggressor shut down the recovery? It's all "night of" stuff. They're both amazing and prob'ly the same weight(ish).

I will add that I don't like fighters saying "I won't fight my friend". They're all professionals. I like the Scott Smith theory of "I'd rather get in there w/ my brother than a stranger."

5/1/09 2:04:20AM

Speed is about equal.
Heart is about Equal.
Tecnique and style seems equal.both have their own unique flavor.
ground and pound seems about equal.
submission skills,reach and KO power goes to Anderson,
while takedown and takedown defense both go to Lyoto
at this point I would say Silva would take this match up.
5/1/09 8:43:07AM
Awesome question!My prediction is that Lyoto Machida would beat Anderson Silva at 185 in round 3 (out of 5) if they were to ever meet in the octagon.
5/2/09 2:43:31AM
Thanks to everyone that read and took the time to respond to my post, this forum seems pretty solid so far.
5/2/09 9:49:31PM
They won't fight eachother they are training partners angd good friends.
5/4/09 7:45:22PM

Posted by ufcfighter

Awesome question!My prediction is that Lyoto Machida would beat Anderson Silva at 185 in round 3 (out of 5) if they were to ever meet in the octagon.

So what do you think at 205? Machida would be stronger and more used to the fighting weight, imo, that might give him the advantage (whereas the drop to 185 mat throw off Machida). Or what do you think would happen in a catch weight. (also you threw out a fight that would go five cuz of AS's title, the other matches would obviously be 3 rds unless they were for Machida's belt that he'll have soon)
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