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1/5/08 2:04:35AM
Today's MMA athletes continually strive for advantages in their drive to be number the GOAT. Steroids were seen as a holy grail in terms of combative advantages it could bestow. Some provides enhanced cardiovascular activity, while others allowed fighters to increase their strength more quickly than normal, all the while at the cost of your ball size. However, it is plain as to all that steroid's advantages are merely an illusion, as evident in fighters such as phil baroni and tommy morrison.

so what REALLY helps a fighter win?

Answer: Lycra

Lets use M-1's Yarennoka! event as a representation of this miracle fabric

EXHIBIT A: Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Gilbert Melendez

Ishida came into the fight as a huge underdog, many said that Melendez would run through ishida, unfortunately they underestimated the power of LYCRA

EXHIBIT B: Kazuo Misaki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Another underdog that many said would face defeat, Kazuo Misaki silenced critics with a punch and a kick, no doubt powered by the comfortable and well fitted material of LYCRA

EXHIBIT C: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Hong man Choi


EXHIBIT D: Shinya Aoki vs. Jing Bu-Kyung

I think you get where i'm going

Moral of the story? Everyone wear Lycra, especially Wanderlei Silva, WHERES THOSE TIGHT SHORTS OF YOURS IN THE LIDDEL FIGHT SILVA? WHEEEEEEEEEERE?!?!
1/5/08 2:28:38AM
The UFC and the Athletic committees need to get on top of this right away and get the bans in before it gets out of control and ruins the sport.
1/5/08 6:24:35AM
Lycra is a super fabric, obviously!

Wanderlei was always at his best while wearing his Lycra vale tudo shorts, don't give me non of this board short crap!
1/5/08 2:05:38PM
wow i guess i have to give new respect to the nuthuggers.... damn nuthuggin lycra... sooo gooood! but homey is right, they need to get the bans on before lycra ruins our sport!
1/5/08 6:15:24PM
You may have just opened a scandell not seen since the likes of roids in baseball! way to go! It won't be long before you are going to be asked to testify infront of not only congress but since this is a world wide sport you may be asked to appear before the UN. I would also say this will be a blow to any chance of MMA in the olympics! Get your press photos ready!
1/5/08 6:55:00PM
Be prepared.

You will need to join the witness protection program.You just stumbled upon the motherload.
1/5/08 7:29:03PM
I'm not 100% sure on what Lycra is, but I'm guessing its the smaller spandex shorts? If so, it is further proven when you look at how GSP lost the title wearing board shorts and then looked better than ever in lycra

And it could also explain why Huerta is still undefeated in the UFC

1/5/08 11:44:22PM
I met BJ at the airport today and he said that he is gonna wear Lycra during his Match VS stevenson, WAR BJ, WAR LYCRA