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2/2/07 10:27:11PM
how much do fighters get paid for this type of main event? i know they dont get nowhere near what a boxer makes...but how much?...
2/2/07 10:46:35PM
I'd say Lutter would make something like 30 to fight 20 to win, or something around there (unless the contract he signed on the show was for much less). Chuck makes something on the order of 200k for his fights (but then again he is one of UFC's highest paid). Cro Cop is reportedly getting eight figures over two years though, making him now one of the highest paid MMA athletes.
2/5/07 7:51:03PM
Lutter made $20,000 and was fined 10% . 1,000 going to the athletic commision and 1,000 going to Silva and Cro Cop made $350,000 flat fee .
Source : MMA Weekly .
2/5/07 11:03:35PM
see this thread

Lutter Made 18k in that fihgt. He was supposed to get 20k to show but he lost 10% of his purse.
2/5/07 11:32:05PM
he should have gotten fined more for stupidity. i know it's spilled milk and i don't know much about cutting weight, but why didn't he get to the right weight last week or the week before. am i ignorant
2/6/07 12:04:27AM
did he lose money because he didn't make weight?
2/6/07 12:27:10AM
Yup. He essentially make a breech of contract, so he can be fined for it.
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