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8/10/08 9:02:17AM
Just an FYI
8/10/08 9:32:19AM
Thanks for the heads up grappler.
I like how the UFC is giving a fight away for free after each event lately.
8/10/08 1:10:22PM
I just watched it, good fight, Tamdan looked pretty good, Cummo should drop to LW.
8/10/08 1:34:11PM
good fight
8/10/08 2:41:52PM
McCory is very solid, i'd like to see him take on dustin hazlett, battle of the lanky guys who both look like pussies but will tear your head off.
8/10/08 5:38:58PM
McCrory impressed me alot in this fight. Although Cummo is not all that good. I think he could be a force down the road. Although I heard he's having trouble making 170.
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