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POLL: Who should Cane fight next
Chuck Liddell 13% (7)
Matt Hamill 7% (4)
Rich Franklin 9% (5)
Brandon Vera 13% (7)
Keith Jardine 37% (20)
Thiago Silva 20% (11)
10/22/08 6:30:00PM
With Luiz Cane cementing himself as a contender in the LHW division who should he fight next? I put a mix of tough guys , some coming off wins and other off losses. Who do you want him to fight? I would love to see him fight either Chuck or Rich. Both would be stand up wars. This guy is tough as nails and executes a great gameplan. Can't wait until he fights again, hopfully soon
10/22/08 6:37:11PM
anybody with a big name is good for him. the guy is legit.
10/22/08 6:37:51PM
i think he will either fight Jardine or the loser of Thiago Silva Vs. Lyoto Machida, which will be Silva imo. both are match ups i think he'd win. he has better striking and much more power than Thiago and he has an agressive style which we have seen Jardine falter to twice. either way i see Cane winning, this guy is the real deal.
10/22/08 6:42:01PM
I want to see what he can do against a good wrestler so Hamill.

Hamill did a terrible job against Rich so he need to clear his mind.

It would be hard for me to pick a winner between Cane and Hamill so i hope it will never happen !! lol

10/22/08 6:42:08PM
Jardine, and i see Jardine coming out on top.
10/22/08 6:47:17PM
Jardine is kinda the gatekeeper of the division. if you beat him you get big names. chuck is starting to be that way as well. i would be good with either
10/22/08 6:48:17PM
I would like to say Thiago Silva since that would be an extremely exciting action packed fight since both like to slug it out on the feet and their no slouches on the ground either. I think the winner of that fight would definitely leap them up the rankings as the next best thing and should get a named fighter like Franklin, Hamil, Bonnar, Jardine, or Vera next.
10/22/08 6:55:06PM
Let luiz cane build up his name with a win over vera.
10/22/08 7:08:42PM
hopefully its against Jardine..build him up a lil before givin him a shot against the bigger names...
10/22/08 7:14:07PM

Posted by haggiswashere

Jardine is kinda the gatekeeper of the division. if you beat him you get big names. chuck is starting to be that way as well. i would be good with either

I don't know if I'd call him a gatekeeper, he is just a prime example of how much parody and depth there is in the lhw division.
10/22/08 7:34:46PM
voted Jardine

but I would like for it to be Bonnar (if he's back by that time)
10/22/08 8:22:11PM
If Thiago Silva loses to Machida then that's the fight I want to see. Especially with the bad blood involved.

10/22/08 9:37:56PM
Vera so Vera can leave the UFC crying
10/22/08 9:51:52PM

Posted by Jackelope

If Thiago Silva loses to Machida then that's the fight I want to see. Especially with the bad blood involved.

10/23/08 12:16:43AM
For anyone who doesn't know the story behind the Silva vs Cane feud...

"Of course. I'll fight anybody that the UFC puts in front of me. It doesen't matter to me if it is another Brazilian. This is a sport where we must fight to see who is the toughest. But I'm going to keep winning until I'm recognized enough to ask for a fight against Thiago Silva. We were supposed to fight in the Fury FC but it didn't work out because of injury problems he had and management problems." Banha wasn't hesitant to say that there is plently of bad blood between him and both Thiago Silva and Wanderlei Silva, as well. "Back when Thiago Silva won the Fury FC title, Wanderlei Silva was in his corner. And in his post comments, he has said many negative things about me and said that I was ducking him. Wanderlei Silva also made a comment about me ducking him (Thiago). Ever since then, I lost my admiration for Chute Box. Me and my family and friends worked real hard. I had to deal with a lot of my friends and family passing away. Now that I'm in the UFC, I will make them proud."

When asked Cane when he sees a fight with Thiago taking place, Cane was more hopeful rather than making predictions. "I wish it could be tomorrow", he said with a laugh
10/23/08 2:42:27AM
i voted jardine but after reading that^^ i want to se him fight Thiago Silva and then Wanderlei Silva bad blood always makes it more fun to watch
10/23/08 10:14:56AM
I voted Chuck, but I don't see him fighting any of those candidates next. I guess I could see Jardine (who he'd obviously destroy). More likely someone like Vera. Thats a two purpose fight. Build up your star, and pick the scab known as "The Truth".
10/26/08 12:33:21AM
Most of you picked jardine, and i think that would be a great match up for Cane. He would pick Jardine apart on the feet. I still hope he fights Franklin after his bout with Hendo.
10/26/08 2:40:06AM
Thiago Siliva and Cane would be a great fight!!!!!!!!!!
10/26/08 1:41:37PM
The only fight there that really makes sense to me is Jardine. Jardine just beat Vera and Cane just beat Sokooudjou... Put these two fighters together and see what the outcome is =)
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