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6/15/07 6:22:18PM
anyone know wherer he is i think he would kick ass if he went to the ufc
6/15/07 6:23:03PM
6/15/07 11:24:32PM
i think hes fighting for cage rage, thats where he fought last in 06 where he picked up a un. decision against daley
6/15/07 11:31:25PM
He's definitely exciting, he was taking it to Gomi for a bit. Great comeback by Gomi, benefit of having a great chin
6/16/07 12:17:01AM
Yeah he reminds me of a 155 version of Shogun. Him vs some LW in UFC would be so insane.
6/16/07 8:05:27PM
Azeredo is a blast to watch and you can add my name to list of guys who to see him back in the big leagues so to speak. As to where he is at he's still training and fighting in Brazil as a free agent. Though as hippie mentioned he does have a (non exclusive) contract with Cage Rage. It's seems the exciting Brazilian fighters are trying to take the UFC by Storm, and if they keep performing at the pace and level they have, I can only see them Gaining more Favour with the casual fans.
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