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11/7/08 10:18:55AM

“Maybe they put me against (Keith) Jardine, a tough fighter, another Top 10, but I won’t choose opponents. I’ll wait for Joe Silva decide who I’ll fight and I’m sure it won’t be easy, they’ll put me another great fighter and that’s what I want. I’m ready for that and I want to be between the best.”

– Luis Cane tells that he is ready to challenge the top fighters in the UFC light heavyweight division. “Banha” destroyed Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via second round technical knockout at UFC 89: “Bisping vs. Leben” just last month. It was his second straight win — the Brazilian heel stopped Jason Lambert at UFC 85: “Bedlam” back in June. His only loss is to James Irvin, which was ruled a disqualification because of an errant knee to the face. The 27-year-old fighter is tough as nails and comes prepared to bang, making any match up with a top 205-pound competitor a juicy one.
11/7/08 10:28:43AM
fight makes sense. i'd love to see this fight. cane deserves to be put in the spotlight. maybe co-main event. he did pretty good his last fight on a ppv main card.
11/7/08 10:40:01AM
I think cane has a bright future. I guess we will see how he does with the step up in competition, with whoever joe silva matches him up against.
11/7/08 10:43:09AM
I think a Jardine fight will tell exactly were Cane is
I think right near the top of the heap

I think this would be a entertaining fight too
Cane R2 KO
11/7/08 1:08:56PM
i honestly think Cane wiill destroy Jardine should they fight. Cane has vicious power in that left hand and he's a very aggressive striker, and we all know what happens when Jardine fights someone who comes right after him (See Wanderlei and Houston)
11/7/08 1:42:31PM
Sad for Jardine if they do fight. But it'll be good for building Cane up.
11/7/08 1:46:00PM
Risky though....

Although saying that, i would still expect Cane to get the win
11/7/08 2:06:52PM
I'm not going to buy into the Cane hype for now.....

He really hasn't struck gold with any of his wins, Sodo does not count in my eyes, I would pick Jardine because he trains with the nipple tweekers
11/7/08 2:44:32PM

I want to see Cane fighting higher in the division too. I thought Bonnar was the ideal fight for him at this point but him is already schedule so I guess Jardine is the right choice.Cane's style should beat Jardine fairly easy. As some mentioned already, we all know what happens when aggressive strikers are matched vs. Jardine. However, Cane is more patient, he's in the chase jabbing until he finds the chance then flip over and finish you. I can see it going to a decision if Jardine start running around, but if he stand and bang he'll be out.
11/7/08 2:46:18PM
Cane is the type of fighter Jardine doesnt do well against.
11/7/08 3:27:04PM
This would be a great fight! Cane's biggest test to date and one hell of a exciting fight! I'd say Cane KO's Jardine early though. He has a bad record against people who push the pace and have heavy hands.
11/8/08 1:39:52AM
Easy pick, Cane round 1 KO
11/8/08 5:27:36AM
I could see this fight happening. But Jardine WILL be the favorite - no doubt. It'd be a good night to put $$$ on Cane again, (the way I see it)
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