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1/22/09 4:46:55AM
Surging light heavyweight contender Luis Cane (9-1) will likely get to sink his chops into the last man to hold the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) 205-pound title, Steve Cantwell (7-1), at UFC 97 from The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on April 18.

“Banha” was supposed to collide with Keith Jardine; however, “The Dean of Mean” now has bigger and better things to take care of, namely Quinton “Rampage” Jackson,” after division champion Rashad Evans revealed he would not be ready in time for UFC 96 in March.

1/22/09 5:10:42AM
Cantwell is goin' down in the 2nd.
1/22/09 6:00:00AM
I think Cane is better in every area then Cantwell, I say Cane TKO's him in round 1.
1/22/09 8:46:15AM
Damn why did they have to match these two up?
I like them both.
Don't count Cantwell out. He has the skills.
This should be a war. Tough fight to call.
Most of you probably say Cane shouldn't count your chickens prematurely though.
1/22/09 9:52:06AM
this fight should be awesome, for ever how long it lasts.......they sure aren't protecting cantwell for grooming!.......striking is pretty even, both are very technical with good hands, kicks, and foot movement, yet both lack head movement....cane i think is the more powerful striker, yet cantwell has got good power too.....wrestling is about even, the only takedown ive seen either pull was cantwells in his last fight...i dont think either are too skilled in that department......clinch tho they are both good, utilizing good muay thai clinches......ground game im giving to cane just based on his pedigree coming in..he's a legit black belt...were as cantwell his a brown belt under good tutulege in vegas, and tho that armbar was sick, there is a really big difference between brown and black that i think sometimes people dont realize....yet, anything can happen (burns over carnerio comes to mind).....but i highly doubt that it hits the ground....chin, ill give to cane...he took everything that heavy hitters like soko, lambert, and irvin could throw at him and didnt get fased...while cantwell got dropped by stann, which not only do i think was a premature stoppage, but also stann has serious power so theres no shame in that.......cane is a bit of a slow starter as well as cantwell a little...i think they both feed off what theyre opponent gives id say after they feel each other out a bit cane drops him and finishes him off on the ground late first or second rd......i hope they keep cantwell tho, he is a highly legit up and comer and is already this good at such a young age
1/22/09 10:09:31AM
Cane has a mean pimp slap. Cantwell better lookout.
1/22/09 10:26:43AM
when 2 guys that are legit stand up fighters with legit KO power fight its so tough to predict who will win because either guy can be the first to land clean and that can spell the end. as of now id go with cane, hes been really impressive and has fought a much higher level of competition lately, but if cantwell can catch him this kid is on his way to being a star, i really like what ive seen from him so far.
1/22/09 10:56:00AM
Awesome match up, should be a great fight and the winner will definitely be boosted up into right outside the top ten LHW's. Both have looked very impressive and should have bright futures.
1/22/09 11:15:12AM
I would love to see Cantwell try to pepper him, and take him down. No one has really tested Cane on the ground, and I think that it would be a decent strategy. Because when you stand and bang, whether you're Cane or Cantwell, you run the risk of getting KTFO.

As far as Cane being a black belt, and Cantwell being a brown belt, there have been plenty of people with a less prestigious pedigree and skill level to submit a superior jiu-jitsu practitioner, i.e. Burns over Carneiro, Miller over Gurgerl.
1/22/09 11:21:09AM
I see Cane with a KO/TKO victory in the second.
1/22/09 11:35:52AM
cane will knock him out
1/22/09 11:36:08AM
Cane wins this one by KO
1/22/09 12:44:15PM
At this point Luis looks unstoppable. He walks right through punches and when he's in range, he delivers pinpoint strikes. Haven't seen much of his groundgame in the UFC but he has displayed his BJJ in earlier fights. He's pretty slick and always comes out on top in the scramble.

Cantwell is a top notch prospect. Unfortunately for Steve, Luis is championship material and already a top ten fighter in my opinion. You just can't train tenacity and a mean streak, and Cane has it.

If anyone's interested in watching a few of Luis Cane's earlier fights before the UFC...

Luis Cane vs. James Stelly
Luis Cane vs Maurice Igor (poor quality)
Luis Cane vs Wagner Ribeiro
Luis Arthur Cane vs Joao Assis

1/22/09 1:08:40PM
Cantwell finally will have his big mouth shut
1/22/09 1:11:20PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

cane will knock him out

early too.

'Banha' via complete devastation
1/22/09 1:19:20PM
Cane is just too much for Cantwell. Cane via first round TKO.
1/22/09 1:44:22PM

Posted by Wolfenstein

You just can't train tenacity and a mean streak, and Cane has it.

If anyone's interested in watching a few of Luis Cane's earlier fights before the UFC...

Lets not forget that Cantwell relished in snapping a bone on national tv!

good looks on those vids
1/22/09 2:08:19PM
most of you guys see cane as the future of the division... and im leaning towards cantwell. from what ive seen he has the more technical and crisp striking.
1/22/09 2:39:32PM

Posted by loller90278

most of you guys see cane as the future of the division... and im leaning towards cantwell. from what ive seen he has the more technical and crisp striking.

if i was to make a list of the top 3 lhws who are the future of the division over the next couple of years, cane would be in there for sure......cantwell i think will take a little longer, hes still young and there is still time for him to pull a "belfort".....but if he continues on this pace he will be a top guy in the division overall in the next 3-4 a big fan, but hes only 22 and fighters dont seem to start to reach theyre prime until theyre late 20's early 30's which cane is approaching
1/22/09 5:05:03PM

Posted by loller90278

cane, the future of the division

1/22/09 5:24:33PM
Bahna is going to have a huge year i think in 09. He is a very exciting fighter and doesn't take a lot of damage. He wil rise to top 10 status in no time. I woukld like to see him against some better fighters. Cantwell is a game opponent dont get me wrong. But i would love to see him against the likes of Franklin, Jardine, T Silva. He should dispatch Cantwell early in the 2nd.
1/22/09 8:02:07PM
Cane via 1st rnd KO
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