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POLL: who wins
cane 76% (35)
thiago 24% (11)
4/13/09 3:57:34AM
UFC light heavyweight, Luis “Banha” Cane has revealed that he and fellow Brazilian, Thiago Silva once had a heated rivalry in San Paulo and if Silva wants to settle it he knows where to find him.
4/13/09 4:04:37AM
Cane has all the right tools to do big damage to thiago without taking much in return.
4/13/09 4:50:55AM
I agree with pookie, Cane has the abbility to finish Silva. If they were to fight, I'd pick Cane. I think Cane is going to be a forced to be reckoned with in UFC, and wouldn't be suprised if he were champ one day.
4/13/09 7:35:26AM
Cane. Cane. Cane. Cane. Cane. Cane. Cane.

'Nuf said.
4/13/09 10:16:18AM
Well I would say this fight might not happen because it seems Cane is moving up and Silva might be falling off the ladder.

But it would be a decent match up, but I would have to take Cane because he is the faster and more technical striker. Silva is not as fast to catch up with canes strikes.
4/13/09 10:23:08AM
first off, i agree with everyone so far. cane would be my pick in a fight with silva. however, i'm not writing off thiago silva yet. machida finished him, in a dominating, but kind of unusual way (almost no time left). thats his one and only loss and it came from a beautifully executed move as time expired. if that didn't happen, machida probably still would have won, but we wouldn't be doubting thiago silva as much. I still expect good things from him in the future and i think a matchup with cane will happen soon.

in addition, i agree that cane will compete for a belt someday. he's devastating on his feet, able to take punches and deliver finishing punches. also, although we havnt seen much from him on the ground, he can hold his own enough to survive any bjj threats and could even submit people on the ground on his way up the ladder.
4/13/09 11:20:31AM
Thiago Silva is a beast but I never seen anyone get written off as fast as he has, getting KOed by Machida. I think Griffin is going to KO him and I would go for him against Cane but I think Cane would win too lol, I like Silva but he seemed real slow and out of it in that last fight
4/13/09 12:39:44PM
I like both fighters, both have amazing skill, but I see Cane pulling off a victory here.
4/13/09 1:05:59PM
one will get knocked out for sure
4/13/09 1:08:34PM
I personally believe that Thiago Silva is overrated I think Cane will knock him out!!!!
4/13/09 1:11:32PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

one will get knocked out for sure

No doubt about it, deadly ko as well!
4/13/09 1:50:12PM
I hope this happends. I would love to see Cane KO Thiago Silva. I always believe Thiago was always very overrated..
4/13/09 2:08:55PM
Both have great skills, I think Cane has a slight upper hand standing, but the ground will have to go to Silva.
I like both fighter, and I think this is a fantastic match up.
tough call, but I would go with Silva.?
4/13/09 3:18:08PM
This is one of the best match ups in a while, both have killer skill sets. Both dangerous strikers. The slight edge may come from the ground and that would go to Thiago.

I know UFC said they are in no hurry to go to Brazil, but this may be one to head up a return to Brazil. Sao Paulo.
4/13/09 3:44:47PM
Wow, it's so funny and unbelievable to see how fast Thiago is getting written off. Especially when both these guys are like the exact same fighters. Aggressive sluggers with good muay thai and they both have pretty good BJJ too.

To me it depends how Thiago bouces back. I can see him being a real force but he didn't look the same against machida, but nobody does either. I think if it hits the ground Thiago will definitely beat him, but one the feet it could go weither way for me and be a back anmd forth slugfest.

But Im not gonna lose faith in my main man yet, so I'ma go Thiago 1st rd KO!!! Because Machida would have made Cane look just as stupid so I ain't holding that against him!
4/13/09 5:13:48PM
Thse are two hard nosed guys, it would be a great fight. Bahna would feel him out a bit, then KO him early in the 2nd. A lot like the Sokudjou fight. WAR Cane he is going to crush Cantwell in his next fight.
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