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6/7/08 2:23:30AM
If Luis Cane manages to beat Jason Lambert at UFC 85, the fans will have a new villain to boo and hiss at. Here's Cane talking to Sherdog about his DQ loss to James Irvin: Your first performance was at UFC 79 and you had a controversial outcome. You were disqualified against James Irvin for striking his face with your knees when he was on the ground. You've got angry with him, saying he was pretending to be injured to stop the fight. Tell us a little about this whole situation.

6/7/08 8:01:59AM
looks to be just as dangerous as i suspected when he came in to fight irvin, i saw those knees, those weren't ones i'd want to eat. i duno about his take on how hard he actually knee'd irvin because there's no reason he would throw a knee that 'a child would be able to' in a fight against another grown man. should be interesting to see him and lambert, but i might have cane on this one.
6/7/08 11:42:07AM
A new heel? That's some pro wrestling crap. Don't bash EliteXC and then go using stupid pro wrestling lingo when describing the UFC.
6/7/08 11:55:10AM
Don't get me wrong Cane is a tough, tough opponent for Lambert. But, I think Lambert learns from his mistake in his last fight and takes Cane down early. Because I guarntee Lambert is going to be the stronger of the two and should be able to keep Cane down, after the fight gets there.

As for Cane's comment on Irvin, it was really uncalled for to say he's not a real althelte. Your the one that used an illegal knee in the fight Cane. Learn the rules of the UFC before you complain.
6/8/08 2:09:27PM
Man this guy is going to be awesome to watch i hope he cracks the top 5 and i hope its fast
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