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7/22/12 11:47:56AM
Just wanted to to say something about my mom. I am 33 years old, and lucky enough to still have her. We were never rich, we struggled at times, but I never went hungry and always had clothes without holes in them. There was a time when I was a huge asshole to her, taking out my problems on her when I was 16 and 17, at times I said some really hateful things to her, I am so sorry for that, she has always been there for me no matter what. Girlfriends come and go, sometimes marriages dont work out, but if you have a mom like mine, you have one woman in your life who has got your back no matter what.
7/22/12 12:09:11PM
Amen to that. My mom is great.

7/22/12 12:16:59PM
Love my mom

I used to give my parents a bit of a difficult time as a kid as well. Nothing too crazy, but I was a little smartass from time to time. Now I consider them both my parents and my friends. I look up to my dad for all the shit he's had to go through in his life and the lessons he's taught me. My mom shares the same humour I do. She's hilarious. She also had me fairly young and has been a great mom despite that. If I lost either of them I don't know what I'd do.
7/22/12 12:18:15PM
Mommmm! Get off my PG account!
7/22/12 2:53:22PM
Dez Bryant LOVES his Mom.
7/22/12 3:10:17PM
I love my Mom beyond belief. She is the most level headed and honest person that i've ever known. She has 6 kids to think about and thats not easy but she somehow makes it look that way. We range from 30 to 18 so there is a wide maturity gap between me (29) and my brother (18) but she knows what to do with him because she went through it with me. She got me out of Jail (drunk tank) once but after that it was "if you don't wanna be in there, don't do stuff to be put in there". Simple but so true. When i got robbed at knife point, she was the first person i called becausei was so happy nothing happened. She had to remind me to call the cops.

My mom is an amazing women and i tell her i love her every single day as wee all should
7/22/12 5:00:00PM
Yeah I had a really bad experience at work on friday that almost made me leave for good, and I had every intention of walking in next Monday, letting them know that I would be giving my notice. I called her up to gt her perspective, and she basically said, in a very kind, reassuring motherly way, that I would be an idiot to do that, and that I would need to suck it up and get another job first. Moms put things into perspective so well. I love her!
7/22/12 5:19:55PM

Posted by warglory
Moms put things into perspective so well.

If that ain't the Damn truth, what is? They tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear
7/22/12 5:49:46PM
I have nothing but the highest respect for my mom.
7/22/12 5:52:45PM
this thread is a couple months late

but yeah my mom rocks too none of my stories are as deep as those posted but she is basically the glue of my family. Me and my dad don't have a great relationship (though its alright for the most part until something small and stupid sets him off) but she is able to be somewhat of a mediator (he has the old school Italian mentality of parenting).

to all the awesome moms out there
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