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1/14/10 1:11:37AM
Jens Pulver has always been one of my favorites from way back when. I hope he gets his win and is able to retire on a good note. This video is why Jens is one of the best.

1/14/10 1:30:13AM
Great little video

Well worth the 3 minutes.
1/14/10 11:58:39AM
you gotta love pulver he's done a lot in this sport hopefully he gets his win
1/14/10 12:41:39PM
Jens is the man. Definitely my favourite fighter of all time.
1/14/10 10:56:21PM
Jens is great and that was an nice heartfelt heart breaks a little whenever he losses....there's a lot of fighter's that I feel like that for when they lose. Wandy comes to mind immediately. You can just tell they are good, cool people.
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