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3/3/08 9:34:01PM
I just went to the MMAPlayground rankings, and Herring still hasn't cracked the top ten.
Where's the love?
3/3/08 10:18:51PM
Maybe they haven't updated the rankings yet and IDK if i would put Herring in the top ten. He won a split over Kongo he didn't finish him and it was not a dominant performance at all. Herring is not in my top ten maybe if he cuts that stupid mohawk.
3/3/08 10:22:33PM
Who has he beat thats top 10? The last victory I can remember him having over a guy who was top 10 at the time is Igor a long time ago . I guess a lot of people might have Kongo at the bottom of the top 10, but even with a split decision victory over Kongo ,I don't think that gets him in.I admit I was expecting more from him in the fight, and thought he would sub Cheick, but he was underwhelming on the ground IMO. I would take Vera /Aleks/Monson/ and Rizzo just off the top of my head in a fight against either Herring or Kongo. Consequently I would put them all in the top 10 before Heath right now. Just my opinion of course.
3/3/08 10:24:47PM
I never had Kongo in the top ten or close to it.
3/3/08 10:25:11PM
You ask why herring isnt a top ten?? maybe because he lost to Big Nog 3x, Cro cop, fedor, and O'brien( who isnt a ranked HW)..........his most notable win is against Kongo, who before Cro cop was nobody, he was basically someone given for cro cop to knockout, but it backfired on them.................he shouldnt be ranked top 10 in the world, but i think he has the potential, and if his mind is right he is defenately one of the worlds top heavyweights, however, potential and skills doesnt make you a top ten, is what you do with it, and as of before kongo, he hadnt done a thing, now that he is a new training camp, we should see the best herring we've seen in a long time, and wont be long before he is at the top of the division...........
3/3/08 10:36:25PM
I think he did ok for some reason Kongo bitched out and didnt feel like standing with him so he did the best he could on the ground with little hammer fist and knees to the body a few times i thought he was going to knee him in the head but I don't think he has made it to top 10 yet.
3/4/08 12:20:00AM
Good stuff, just saw Kongo on the top 10 still and thought, hmmm didn't he just get beat by Herring?
I see what you're talking about now though.
3/4/08 1:29:16AM
Not that I agree or condone these fake rankings... but if I did, what on earth would put him in there. He lost two in a row then won a splitter. Hundreds and hundreds of better applicants.
3/4/08 1:35:14PM
i got him at 10
3/4/08 1:52:43PM
I want to see Herring vs. Sylvia.
That would be an even match IMO. But I have Herring on the fence of the top ten. I like him.
3/4/08 2:11:40PM
took an SD over a guy maybe half the MMA world had AT 10. That did nothing but remove Kongo from the Top 10; it's not like Herring was ranked 11 before the fight.

Regardless; The only rankings that matter are who is #1 and who is #2 in each individual match up.
3/4/08 2:15:07PM

Posted by billycarnage

I want to see Herring vs. Sylvia.
That would be an even match IMO. But I have Herring on the fence of the top ten. I like him.

Yeah I was talking to the guys from MMAWeekly on the radio show last night about that match.
I want to see it pretty badly, either we'll see old Tim or see him get submitted. I don't think that Herring will let Tim hide behind that jab.
3/4/08 2:18:54PM
I belive that herring is a top ten fighter for sure, he almost beat noguiera boys, plus he beat the man who beat Mirko on his feet so he is indeed impressive as of late
3/4/08 2:45:43PM
He's not quit there yet IMO. He might spend his career at gatekeeperfor guys like Kongo to expose their weakness so he can improve. I dont see Herring making any serious title runs anytime soon
3/4/08 8:09:33PM
I didn't consider Kongo top 10. I had Herring in there for a while, but took him off after his losses to O'Brian and Nog.
3/4/08 8:57:35PM
Here's a good article on Heath. Check it out Link
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