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8/31/07 9:20:36AM

Posted by Svartorm

Thats exactly the same thing, and a bleeding heart mentality. How is that different than giving a bully your lunch money when he threatens you? Just because someone could potentially make a bad decision down the line doesn't mean you give him what he wants, unless you want to breed another generation of similar minded people.

It's not the same mentality. If I refuse to give a bully my lunch money, I don't have to turn around and give that money to the teacher that holds him in detention.

And if I refuse to give him the money and fight him; well what are you saying, that you would be happy to shoot all the criminals in your neighborhood? Again, fighting a bully is probably not the best metaphor for criminal activity.

Besides, when we are talking about welfare, we are not talking about what people want, but rather what they need: Food, shelter, clothing.

I know we will not agree on this, as political debates hardly ever change peoples' opinions, but I want to make sure we are clear on what we are saying to each other.
8/31/07 5:50:09PM

Posted by disorderlyvision

Posted by Manfred

We haven't elected a senator since Kennedy (and that was a bit sketchy election) much less a rep.

I'd rather support someone who has a chance.

that is why third parties are not given a chance, everyone says they are tired of dems and reps, but come vote time they still vote for them. if they put their votes where their mouth was, the others would have a chance. Ron Paul is from a mjaor party but has Libertarian views, and if he was elected i think there would actually be some change as opposed to electing a dem or a rep and having more of the same. they are essentially the same party funded by the same corporations and lobbyist, and nothing will change with either of them in office

3rd parties for the most part only help the main party which they are the farthest away from. a 3rd party which is right wing in nature will take votes from republicans and help get dems elected . example ross parole. 3rd party on the left will help the republicans by taking votes from dems.
its a free country vote for who you want but when you vote for a third party candidate you help those who are least likely to promote the things you are voting for.
it seems to me that these candidates would have a better chance running as a dem or rep and expressing their point of view and seeing if the poeple agree.
9/1/07 2:26:34AM
It was Ross Perot, and you're right. Thats why I said I hope Ron Paul stays with the Republicans and doesn't get the bright idea to run independent, because he'll screw us over in the long run. The only time I vote 3rd party is when I know the democrat is going to get in anyways, and I can't stand the Republican. Its a voters way of saying "Send someone better next time."
9/1/07 10:14:27PM
just another c4rook
they all say the same shit to get elected
then bam
freemasonic rituals take primace
9/2/07 1:08:40AM
I'm a freemason.
9/2/07 11:00:43PM

Posted by Svartorm

I'm a freemason.

me too
10/25/07 11:56:29AM

Posted by Svartorm

I'm a freemason.


Does that mean you search for hidden treasure? Like Nick Cage?
10/25/07 11:47:13PM
Citing President George Washington's farewell address, "Washington had a great section on the love of party, if you love party more than anything else, what it will do to a great nation."

"We shouldn't love a party [over] a candidate's principles or values,"

Washington's farewell address noted the "danger" from parties is serious.

"Let me now … warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally. … The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism," Washington said.

I hope to God Paul or Huckabee get the nomination. I swore that I will no longer vote against someone, but rather FOR someone. I intend to adhere to that.
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