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4/11/10 9:16:21PM
I wish to beat hell that i could speak Portugese!!! i just got done watching the post fight presser and i think a lot of things that Anderson Silva says get "lost " in Ed Soares' "translation" of what Silva says. i think Soares puts a PR kinda spin on everything Silva says and i hate it!!!! Sory for the Rant. But does anyone else see this or am I dreaming it up!?!?!?!?!
4/11/10 9:20:11PM
Here ya go...

4/11/10 9:32:44PM
Thanks.....Seems to me that A Silva has very, very thin skin. I know th cultures are different, but what Maia said was no where near the realm of disrespect. Whats the guys supposed to say.....uhh..uh I knwo Anderson is goin to kick my ass!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have been a Silva nuthugger for a long time but that is over now that he is OFFICIALLY the UFC DIVA!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it Anderson, fight !!!! I cant say what i truly mean .....as I would surely get banned!!!! So I say this.........ANDERSON SILVA IS MMA's FRIST DIVA!!!!!! Move over Tito! Your heads in the way!!!
4/11/10 11:11:04PM
Yeah, I wouldn't go out and look like an ass over that.
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