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1/25/07 1:39:11AM
i remember a while back joe rogan said that some fighter didnt hit hard. the guy won the fight and then after when joe rogan does that thing where he takes the fighters throught the ampd mobile replay lol the guy was like do u still think my punch isnt hard now or something like that. does anybody remember the fighter?
1/30/07 12:46:23PM
nobody knows the golden answer
1/30/07 2:17:47PM
i've never heard this before.. i didn't think fighters could here the commentators.
1/30/07 6:24:43PM
no it wasnt during the fight rogan said this it was like a few days before the fight he said it and the fighter heard him i just cant remember who it was
1/31/07 4:21:40AM
Wasn't it Lindland? Can't remember what fight though.
7/1/07 7:21:30PM
It was Lindland but I dont recall the fight.
7/1/07 7:59:07PM
do we get a free t-shirt?
7/1/07 8:58:04PM

Posted by danny81

do we get a free t-shirt?

the mods wood be cuming up wit the question and handing out the t-shirts...not a normal person
7/1/07 9:04:56PM
Lindland. Rogan simply said when Lindland had his opponent on the ground he was hitting him with rabbit punches and Joes said those punches wouldnt stop the fight. After Lindland got his next win in the UFC he started talking to Rogan about it.
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