Who Are the Losers if Randy Couture Re-Signs With the UFC?

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9/2/08 1:48:47PM
Zach Arnold thinks beyond Couture's image and Mark Cuban's MMA efforts, there are others who won't fare so well either:

* Third, Affliction could be facing the prospects of not being able to book Couture vs. Fedor in their ring. You would have to assume that booking Couture vs. Fedor was going to be a major part of their business plan. After all, the two men shook hands at Affliction’s debut event in Anaheim.
* Unless Fedor agrees to fight the winner of Arlovski vs. Barnett (10/11 Las Vegas), WAMMA has to be prepared to strip the Russian of his title belt if he goes to UFC. Dana White will not allow any mentions of WAMMA whatsoever or even have that belt shown on PPV or TV.
* Out of all of the fighters in the MMA business, Randy Couture was in the best position to challenge parts of UFC’s somewhat controversial fighter contracts in regards to the clauses inserted into them. Now that Couture reportedly is back in the UFC fold, UFC will be able to breathe a big sigh of relief that none of the contractual provisions they make fighters sign (e.g. the retirement clause, the champion’s clause) will face a legal challenge any time soon.

9/2/08 2:47:46PM
if Wamma strips fedor of the title because he goes to the primere promotion then they are a huge poser and the belt should be burned and never mentioned again. Their head of whatever should also go back to playing his clarinet he looks so much like Kenny G.
9/2/08 4:01:17PM
The loser is randy couture. Prolly wont get the big money that he wants when he gets this new contract with the ufc.

Then say he fights lesnar or big nog or werdum, which i think they all prolly will beat him(not so sure on werdum) but then you know couture goes out losing then that will drop this couture vs fedor hype. Then couture just gets beat down by fedor and retires.

3 fight contract for couture is too much, i'd say just give him a 1 or 2 fight contract and then he can fight once in '08, then in '09 and be done with ufc, fight fedor and be done.
9/2/08 4:27:14PM
Zach Arnold is a loser imo...

Probably the biggest loser is Big Nog. Randy returns with the title and Nog doesn't get the first shot? WTF is that about? Nog and Mir are going to fight for the interim title a month after Randy and Lesnar fight for it?
9/2/08 8:17:39PM
the biggest loser or losers are up there in or around Protland who were going to see the figth but now prob won't cause they are gonna move it to Vegas
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