i need to lose like 30 pounds in a month and a 1/2

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8/9/07 11:38:43PM
my work out is currently
*warm up -15 mins
*Joging -1hour (1/2 the time with a sweat suit)
*weight lifting - (36lbs its all i got :'( ) 200-300 curls, vertical/horazontal lifts punches and shoulder shrugs 50 times a set
*crunches- 200-300 in sets of 50 with 10-15 sec rest
*leg lifts- 100-150 in sets of 50
*scissors-100-150 3 count in sets of 50
*pushups- 100 in sets of 10 (just started em)
*Spar-30mins-1hr (self tought kick boxing mostly) 2min water brakes every 15 mins
and i usly only eat 1 time a day cuase my mom cooks fatting foods.

Can any one thell me of sum good diet pills to help boost my weight loss? please ones that you kno work
8/9/07 11:45:19PM
eat once a day? you actually need to eat alot more than that if you want to lose weight. you need to eat healthy food every 2-3 hours I think it is, you can workout all you want but if your diet isn't good you won't see the results you want.
8/10/07 4:12:58AM
I lost 50lbs in 2 1/2 months doing this, so you should be able to get 30 in time.

Power walking: 5 miles every day. Jogging half this should work, but I've got bad knees so I just walked it.

Eliptical: 60-90 minutes, depending on what you can handle. Once you can do 90, up the resistance every day until you can only do 60, get it back to 90, and so on. If you don't have an eliptical machine or gym membership to use one, you might what to look into that, as its the best fat burning machine ever made, as far as I'm concerned. If thats not an option, a bicycle could probably work as well.

Weight training: Light maintainance three days a week.

Stretching: Every day for at least 30 minutes, if not more. It helps clean out the muscles and break up fat deposits.

As for diet, cut out red meat, sweets and alcohol entirely. Lean meats work well, lots of raw fruit and vegatables, and drink water like it was going out of style. Its important to eat more often when trying to lose weight, not less often, and the extra food will give you the energy for the workout. I wont touch the stuff, but a bodybuilder I know swears by tuna fish mixed with mustard.

As for weight loss suppliments, on a different occasion I dropped 50lbs using Stacker 2, but the weight will come back rather quickly with that kind of stuff, and they really **** up your sleeping patterns, being as they're caffine pills.

Edit: What weight are you trying to get down to anyways?
8/10/07 9:04:47AM
The exercise program in the post above is better than the one you were proposing if the only goal is to lose weight. Anaerobic exercise (weightlifting and other strength training) doesn't burn calories the way aerobic exercise (running, bike riding...) does. There is some indirect effect in having additional muscle (it burns calories quicker), but you will pick up some of the muscle gains just by forcing your legs to do the aerobic exercises.

I don't recommend any diet pills. There is not a magic way to burn calories (i.e. lose weight permanently) that comes in pill form. Most of these are either diuretics or stimulants. That's fine for flushing out water for a couple of days if you have a wrestling meet or a photo shoot coming up, but you're not going to spend the rest of your life dehydrated so this method only gives you day-to-day yo-yo weight fluctuations. In addition they can mess up your energy and sleep level (just like drinking a bunch of red bull would) and if you're someone who is overweight, trying to work out vigorously for the first time and taking stimulants there can be some health risks.
8/10/07 3:40:18PM
Yeah dude.. no offense, but drop that program you got yourself on. you deffinently dont want to be doing a bunch of weight lifting if your trying to lose weight. You should eat three times aday, at regular meal times.....in small portions. (ill post my weight cuttign diet below this post).

DO ALOT OF CARDIO WORK !!!!! how hard and how often you work out depends how fast you want to drop that 30. but if your on a consistent workout program, id say atleast 5 days a week. 30 is nothing, especially if oyu have it their to lose.
8/10/07 5:10:44PM

Posted by Svartorm
Eliptical: 60-90 minutes, depending on what you can handle. Once you can do 90, up the resistance every day until you can only do 60, get it back to 90, and so on.

I like this program over all, but I have a problem with one thing. Set you resistance and time before you step on the machine. Don't alter that goal while on the machine. If you said you were going to do 90 min then your ass better do 90. Start low on something that you know you can do. An hour or two after the workout you can make an assessment of the time and resistance you used. Do you feel like you could go again? increase something tomorrow. You will know when you should keep it the same, but you should avoid decreasing it unless you replace it with another form of activity. Use the stats given by most type of machines to find equivalent exercises. Don't make decisions during a cardio workout. Make them before and after.

I have to set these rules in stone because I am the world biggest procrastinator. But, with these rules I can will my way through any workout.
8/10/07 5:38:59PM
Maybe I didn't word that right. I don't change the resistance during the work-out. I'm going for 60 minutes, and if I can do more I'll do it. Once I go 90, then next time I work out, I up the resistance one level, and then I do a minimum of 60. I'm not uping the resistance during a workout.

Eliptical machines actually shut off after an hour anyways, so you're timing yourself with the clock on the wall at that point, but I'm generally honest with myself in workouts and can get away with saying "Can I do ten more minutes?". If you're not, definitely adjust for that beforehand.

Also, I'm no personal trainer or nutritionist, so if anyone disputes anything in that workout I set up, by all means say so. I just put it there because it worked for me when I needed to drop weight to get back into fighting. For all I know, it might JUST work for me.
8/10/07 5:57:08PM

Posted by Svartorm
I'm generally honest with myself in workouts

I am not. At least during the workout. I can objectively assess it afterward, but if you leave it up to me to push past the timer when I am tired and sweaty then I won't push as hard as I can. Micro goals give you something to push toward and keeping track of the stats on the machine help me compete with my self (which make it less boring to do).

Your way absolutely works and is idea for some people, but is less effective for people like me. I just won't push my self hard enough to make as much gain as I could.
8/11/07 12:41:31AM
Dude, dont over do it. Whatever your desprate for losing weight for, do it smart and still eat.
Also, doing over 100 reps of any weight workout wont build muscle, so I dont know how much weight it will cut. Try getting more weights so at max your doing 80 or less reps of each workout and your swore at the end.
Jogging is prob your best shot at loosing a lot. Go to a gym and find those in place bikes and pedal on those, even when tired you still are able to pedal and loosing your breath doesnt factor in too much. My one friend came to my house and went on mine for like 45 minutes straight. I swear he lost 3 lbs or more in just that session.
Good luck and be safe
8/11/07 12:44:11AM
my bad i forgot to post this under my previous thread on this topic...but heres a awesome diet, i can cut and have cut major weight in no time on it.

fluids: water (atleast 3/4 gallon to 1 gallon per day) and 2 gatorades.

snacks: 1 piece of fresh fruit, or 1 nutrigrain bar.

breakfeast : -2 egg whites (i like to put hot suace on them for taste)
-1 piece of fresh fruit
-1 piece of toast (no condoments) or nutrigrain bar

Lunch: - Choice of- 1 cup of tuna(no mayonaise! i like to put relish in it), OR
1 piece of grilled chicken

- fresh or steamed vegetable(keep in poportion) OR
chef salad (low fat dressing)


dinner: SAME AS LUNCH. or exchange the vegtables with fruit.
8/11/07 1:33:39AM
If I can't have mayo in my tuna, I'd rather just not eat it. Mustard and relish.
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