Who will lose first out of the top P4P fighters?

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POLL: First to lose
GSP 13% (6)
Silva 2% (1)
Fedor 6% (3)
BJ 64% (30)
Faber 15% (7)
8/25/08 2:38:27PM
Out of the top five P4P fighters in the world which one do you think will lose there next fight?
8/25/08 2:44:19PM
isnt it pretty safe to say bj or gsp?

anderson...vs Cote?....No
faber...vs Brown?...No
Fedor....is he even fighting before the bj vs gsp fight?

i say BJ since gsp is gonna beat him
8/25/08 2:50:38PM
id say bj has the biggest chance of losing his next fight as long as its against gsp....but to be a hippocrite, i still think he wins...but on paper he loses....if i was to choose whos next fight has the highest chance to end in an upset, id say the silva cote fight...not trying to restart a thread....but cote can take a punch better than anybody it seems like and cant dish em too....i still think he loses, but if any of those were to be an upset, i think its that one....can throw bh v gsp in there cuz, either of them could win, no big upset either way
8/25/08 3:05:12PM
Urijah Faber, IMO, I think Mike Brown can beat him, and providing that doesn't happen, then GSP will lose to BJ Penn.
8/25/08 3:05:50PM
lets just put it as easy as possible the loser of BJ vs GSP will drop out
8/25/08 4:01:20PM
I think BJ will not only beat GSP but he will end within three rounds.
Cote can take a punch for sure but Silva's power is something he has never experienced. I think he will get hurt.
I also think Faber will beat Brown.
8/25/08 4:05:38PM
Other then GSP BJ fighting one another I think Faber is going to have a tuff test in Wagnney Fabiano if he gets past Brown.
8/25/08 5:24:58PM
whoever loses between gsp and penn, right now i say it's bj. the rest of these guys should get past their next fight (faber vs. brown, silva vs. cote), and fedor will probably fight after gsp and penn.
8/26/08 11:27:20AM
This is pretty simple. I agree with the posts above:
Faber will beat Brown, Silva will beat Cote, Fedor will win.
If the UFC schedules Penn vs. GSP, then one of them has to lose (a tie is very doubtful)
I just hope they wait to schedule this. I would first like to see Penn fight Florian. But either way it will be a great fight. I think GSP has grown a lot since his last fight with Penn. Although the fans will be on Penn's side, because he's American, etc, I think GSP will win, and it won't go to a decision. I love Penn as a fighter. He's easily in my top-10 fav fighters to watch. It's just funny that he's a spoiled rich kid who is arrogant and acts like a jerk, yet people love him. GSP is very humble, down-to-Earth, polite, and always respectful. It's good to see that in someone who's so good. Oh well, to each his own.
8/26/08 12:37:42PM
BJ Penn.
8/30/08 9:01:28PM
I would have to say BJ
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