Lorenzo Fertitta: UFC Headed to Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia

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6/18/07 4:37:31PM
Following the success of Saturday’s UFC 72 event in Northern Ireland, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta says that the UFC will head to Germany in 2008, and soon, will also put on events in Italy, Spain and Australia.

Fertitta recently discussed the plans with Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports.

6/18/07 5:19:20PM
You suppose when they go to Austrailia, Elvis Sinosic will get a can for once?
6/18/07 5:31:45PM
When it hits Australia, all the American fans will have to stay up until like 4am to watch the fights live!
6/18/07 9:15:39PM
Australia, sweet as, they need to build if more over here though, people got no idea what MMA really is, they refer it as that wrestling crap, (aka WWF). Need more advertising, we are only running TUF 3 and only at the start, when in America TUF 5 is nearly finished!!! WTF!

Hopefully they do and they get Tony ‘The Gun’ Bonello involved on the card, put him up against some A-Level fighters, as his record is 15 - 0, but hasnt faced top level A fighters, reading recently he is off to Japan to fight, dont no for whom, probably K-1. Should have him face off against Elvis Sinosic as the mainevent or co-main event, see who the better Aussie MMA fighter is!!!!
9/25/07 3:38:19AM
If it comes to Australia I want to see a serious main event. And for all those Americans who will winge about the time it will be on get over it, I suffer that crap all the time, with ever sport from the Northern Hemisphere.
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