looks like ufc 85 main card on payper view is a done deal know

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4/4/08 5:22:59PM
we all ready knew 4 fights that were on the card,

davis vs swick
lidell vs evans
marquadt vs leites
werdum vs vera

really good fights i thought the 5th fight would be carneiro vs chonan or rivera vs kampman. it looks like according to ufc.com it will be rivera vs kampman. a very solid main card, after april looks good the next two months. looking forward to this one i think there will be time for a 6th fight as well
4/4/08 5:53:55PM
there should be plenty of time for extra fights.
Davis or Swick will win in 1st rd.
Chuck will be done w/ Rashad NO LATER than the end of 2nd rd.
4/4/08 5:57:46PM
PPV? Thought this was supposed to be free on Spike.
4/4/08 7:54:17PM
i was hoping also, but with a main card like this it might be worth it.. i still think that before the year is out maybe sept or later there will be a free pay per view, i think with the ufc knowing we will get one instead of two this year i am hoping in their mind that it will be a great card. iam thinking title fight plus a couple good ones..
4/4/08 8:33:31PM
i hope this goes under some drastic improvement, because this card is not worth buying... at all.
4/5/08 4:08:22AM
dead deal know? what do i Know?

now maybe?

sorry, just a pet peeve

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