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9/14/11 1:51:16PM
so ive been a fan of mma my whole life and ive done jiu jitsu and boxing since i was little, but i wanna get back into it, i just dont know where to start, considering cash isnt exactly falling into my lap right now, any suggestions?
9/15/11 1:52:59AM
I think first is to get back in shape. The fundamental of every sport is conditioning so as to prepare the body and mind. I recommend at least a month or two of cardio and strength exercises.

We don't want to push early since it will lead to injury. During that two month span, it would help a lot if you familiarize your muscles to MMA moves again. Just a light practice of throws, grappling and striking for at least 20 mins 2 or three times a week depending on your availability.

If you don't have someone to practice with, try to find submission grappling dummies or punching bags. That's it I think. :)
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