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1/28/07 5:09:12AM
Hey guys, I'm new to the site but not the MMA scene. I'm looking to get on a team here and start bidding.

If anyone has any open slots hook a guy up. Thanks.

1/28/07 11:14:36AM
team fit hit and submit is open
1/28/07 7:02:10PM
Team Pride is open we're a strong team with smart members
1/29/07 1:16:05PM
Team Valcom dude. Its the way to go. We endorse this
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1/30/07 5:09:02AM
Team Pride has the best looking women, here is an example.

1/30/07 10:10:23AM
One time chance dude. Check out duXup! We got the best groupies!!
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1/30/07 9:29:49PM
this guy and his man love....
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