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6/1/07 8:38:39PM
i'm taking thiago tavares over jason black

looking to bet $2000,

only if you have the money should you reply,
6/2/07 4:23:41PM
wouch, big spender ----^

i am poor
6/2/07 11:27:08PM
I've got 1025 on Black for a 1:1 if you want. PM me.
6/5/07 2:37:05AM
I'm just replying to show you that I got the money
6/5/07 11:02:43AM
risky fight to bet so much on, debuting Black could falter against a tough undefeated guy like Tavares, but hey its your funeral
6/6/07 5:25:43PM
cornish is such an idiot!
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