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5/13/09 1:11:54AM
I'm not too satisfied with my current team. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to generate enough discussion to even legitimize the belief that my team isn't just a team of ghosts or whatever. I'd like to join a team that can offer intelligent MMA related discussions/debates, talk about our picks for upcoming events, etc.
If anybody is interested in stealing me away from current team, let me know.
5/13/09 10:52:04AM
you can Join the Wack Pack...its just me and another guy...I want to compete in the LW division for at least a full season and slowly work my way up the ranks...
I am interested in creating dialogue within my camp...not necessarily daily but somewhat frequently...send me a pm if you are interested
5/13/09 12:55:00PM
The bullies might be the right team for you we have a thread for each upcoming fight in the main league and we have fight discusions on the secondary league too. We just ask all you do is make all your picks and wager for the main league. We are also one of the largest camps on the PG.
Send bojangalz a PM if you are interested.

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