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7/10/12 6:10:53PM
I didn't read the guidelines for this so idk how this really works, but i'm not really feeling my camp anymore, everyone's leaving and people aren't getting their picks in etc... I just got #12 on UFC 148, so if anyones interested message me. Thanks
7/10/12 6:12:34PM
I guess I should clarify, I'm looking for a team who actually cares about this, not just does it for whatever, and gets their picks in if they feel like it. I want some motivation lol.
7/10/12 7:06:42PM
I just PM you. Let me know what you think.
7/10/12 10:58:27PM
If country KO doesn't work out id be glad to have you

My camp fits all the criteria
7/29/12 3:55:57PM
I currently do not have fight camp. I fully enjoy the fight world and want a team that gives a shit about the picks as well as the game. My picks are almost always in a week early and my average is pretty decent. Let me know if ur intersected in having me apart of ur team.

Thanks Dragon
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