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5/4/12 10:12:21AM
Me and possibly on or two other guys in our very small camp are looking for a new camp. I'm guessing you can check us out by clicking my name? Drakened and I are definitely look for a new camp, maybe one more guy too.
5/4/12 10:19:32AM
Should mention that I'd like to be part of a bigger camp to have a bit more internal competition - maybe a smaller middleweight team?
5/4/12 12:51:54PM
We have a small middle weight team - just what you are looking for...

Invitation has been sent. I hope you join and if you do join and are looking to bring the others with you, please PM me immediately. I would like to finalize this merge before tomorrow's event begins.

5/4/12 12:53:34PM
I cannot send you an invitation unless you disband or leave your camp.
8/4/12 8:44:47AM
Hey man! Sorry for the big delay in replying - I'm going to leave my camp after tonight's UFC - last match of the season. Would love an invite then!
8/4/12 11:31:23AM
The Evil Empire.

we're a smaller middleweight and have won a few seasons.PM The Metal Maniac.
8/4/12 11:45:34AM
The Original Gangsters

had our first season as a camp and now have a very strong core group

looking to make waves next season

also we have a fairly active message board w
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