I am looking for a new camp.

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9/1/08 8:39:51PM
I am a 30 yr old family and military guy (USMC) stationed out of Camp Pendleton Cali. I watch a lot of fights, make picks and wagers on both leagues. I am active on the site, however will be gone for a good part of next year (4th deployement). I want to join an active camp with people who do a lot of the same things I do on the site. I understand this is near impossible. I know my ranking isn't so great (had a rough season) but sometimes I pick/bet with who I like instead of the MMAmath. Hit me up if your interested.
9/2/08 12:57:41AM
I'm not sure if you already picked a camp.....

But most of my members are in there 30's married kids ect

We don't care who you pick as long as your active we play both leagues too..

9/2/08 2:16:15PM
Found one thanks all.
9/2/08 2:25:23PM

Posted by jae_1833

Found one thanks all.

You made the wrong decision...I don't see Sabotage, Inc. under your name.
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