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8/30/13 12:47:27PM
Me and 2 other guys are looking for another camp... We have our own, but it's just not that fun with only 3 guys.

Hoping to get into one before this weekends fights (bendo/pettis II) since its the start of a new season.

All hardcore members, always make our picks and bets.
8/30/13 1:13:52PM
Come join my camp, Pride FC Forever.
8/30/13 1:28:45PM
Got this note trying to leave my own camp "Camp roster actions may not be made in the first 48 hours after a primary league event has taken place!" I'm guessing I'd have to wait until tomorrow morning (Saturday) to drop my camp and join yours given the event that on Wednesday night.

Do you need to send an invite for me/us to join or how does that work? The other two guys are Drudinh and drPEARCE.
8/30/13 1:34:47PM
I set my camp up to allow public invite requests, you don't have to pm me first.
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