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11/5/07 3:56:33AM
Hey ppl

I run a website ( and Im looking for someone to write a MMA column for the website due to my last guy not providing any new columns.

You can write pretty much what you want to about in the realms of MMA. I would need one column a month, a title and you need to create a banner for your column to. Just check out other columns on the site for the idea. Also, you would need to join the site forum to be able to comment on comments from other users on your columns.

The site gets to just under 1,000,000 worldwide hits a month so you work would be getting out to a wide audience.

Thanks a lot for intrest in advance.

If you are SERIOUS about this then drop me a mail with an example or outline of what you want to do.


11/5/07 7:59:05AM
Hey man, I sent you a PM with an example of my blog. Let me know what you think, even if you don't choose me.
11/5/07 9:54:10AM
Thanks dude

Ive replied... Anyone else?
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