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10/27/10 1:50:32AM

Grizzly Cage is currently looking for a Mixed Martial Arts Coordinator to work within a team to create and implement a strategic mma training program that incorporates Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Wrestling. Each discipline will be taught by instructors who are very skilled within their respective martial art.

Duties include
Create training schedule and oversee the MMA program for recreational and competitive members
Recruit and mentor junior MMA instructors
Train amateur and professional competitors
Input into the design of the MMA training facility
Involvement in promotions and marketing of Grizzly Cage
Follow and enforce the facility protocol
Involvement in management of our competitor’s careers

MUST work as a team player and be Passionate about creating a respected MMA program.
Must be disciplined and in control, respect towards all members and trainer is paramount.
Previous experience in the sport of MMA as a competitor or trainer
Strong understanding of fight strategy, methods and styles, as well as psychological and physiological aspects of combative sports involvement.
A good grasp of ethical business practices.

For more information please email me at boxinggorilla@hotmail.com and include your name, contact information also please provide an MMA related resume. We are looking for the top guy but personality and passion is as important as experience.

About Grizzly Cage
Grizzly Cage is a 17000 sq foot combative sports training facility , that includes full cardio and weight training areas, 2 boxing rings, 1 full MMA Cage, 1 training cage, 7000 sq ft of martial arts training area, running track, sports massage therapy, stream rooms, pilates and yoga rooms, full change rooms, over 100 pieces of training equipment (heavybags, double ends bags, striking equipment, etc..) , concession area and retail. It is also acts as an 800 seat (including 2 vip luxury boxes ) sports venue for live and ppv events.

11/4/10 1:59:22AM
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