Looking to join a smaller team.

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10/14/09 1:46:27PM
So i recently left American Top Team.

I can't explain it really, but it just isn't the same without Pookie. No offence to anybody currently in ATT and the new leader is doing a great job with the team, but i just felt it was time for a change.

I would like to join a smaller team with an active message board.

My record is decent (Apart from this season.) and i'm looking to join a team in time for next season or maybe before.

10/14/09 1:52:34PM
There's a possibility that Sabotage, Inc. may be needing 2 more members tomorrow. Send a PM to DCRage if you're interested.
10/14/09 2:01:38PM
Actually, it looks like we're still going to be full for now.
11/20/09 8:09:20AM
I just disbanded my old camp and have just started a new one so currently the team will be small, so if your intrested Plissken's Pit would love to have you...
11/20/09 8:38:43AM
The East Coast Pitbulls would love to have you in our camp.
11/23/09 10:19:35PM
The Bullies might be a fit for you we have an active board for each fight individually in the main league as well as disscusions on the secondary league also.
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