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8/21/08 7:17:41PM
I was in a camp, but the camp leader had to disband the camp. I am looking to join a new camp. Are there any camps looking for new members? I am a premium member, and I have been a member for awhile. I pick all my picks, and make all my bets. Let me know if anyone is interested.
8/21/08 7:44:54PM
hey man i'm interested. i never make anyone change a bet or a pick. its all about having fun and discussing MMA with us. you're more than welcome to join. just send me a PM if you're interested and i'll send you an invite.
8/21/08 8:21:35PM
The 360 would love to have ya

I'm not sure what happened with SureShot

But any die hard fans off of that team can join the 360

as long as they make their picks and don't get to serious about the BS

We like to have fun so you don't have to be crazy active on our boards I understand if you have a life
8/21/08 10:01:08PM
hey man, I started up a team and have a few of the guys from the old team here...your welcome to join!
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