Looking For A Good Camp To Take A Chance

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3/10/09 1:44:16AM
Im pretty new to the site but have a been an MMA fan for a while now. I think id bring good discussions to any camp looking to take a chance on someone with not a lot of expierence to the gaming side of the site. I will promise to make all picks and wagers and contribute as best as I can.
3/10/09 2:45:41AM
360 mafia is the way

i will have Kracker_jap send u an invite
3/10/09 11:19:29AM
I sent a invite out to ya......

Come Join the 360 MAFIA
3/11/09 12:52:27PM
360 is the place to be
4/7/09 4:34:23PM
I've just started a camp and am looking for some new members. I'll I ask is that you make all your picks. Last Camp I was a member of there was like three of four of us that actually participated.
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