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2/25/11 4:33:34PM
I'm not too acquainted with this site, but I miss my forum's old pick'em game that doesn't run anymore. I was the champ one year, I think I tied for first out of the playoff's, and I was always in the top 8 - I think was our playoff selection. I think I'm fairly good at picking fights, I follow the sport every day, I read forums, news sites, etc. I've been following MMA consistently like this since about 2003, and I'm 21 now, so pretty much my entire 'conscious/thinking' life.

I AM starting to bet on fights, and that is a motivation to join a camp -- to have discussion about fights, to give my thoughts and get the thoughts of others. Really, I'm just seeing what kind of community is here and how it all works. I've known about this place since it opened, had an account since then, but never really got into it. Basically: I'm bored, I like MMA, and I would like converse with some intelligent people about it. I don't like mainstream forums and stuff because of all the nonsense... I like specific, focused conversations and analysis, but I also like to joke around and have fun. I'd like to join a camp before UFC 127 if possible.

3/8/11 1:15:34AM
Join the MMA Thrashers. We're the #4 camp right meow. (How could you say no to a Super Troopers reference?)
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