looking to become a free agent, try a new team for once!!

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2/11/09 11:31:40AM
as you can see i am very active in posts, alot of you might recognize my handle name

i enjoy he fight team i am in been with them from the start, but we have decreased in numbers every season, and i am looking for a team with alot of memebers i mean like over 50 or so
a team with name recongnition, that is one of the best on here,
you guys can see how i am doing now, look at my overall record there are not alot of guys with 200 plus wins with less than 100 losses

i wanna be more active, meaning get to know you guys better, shoot emails and hell even meet up at ufc fights or something

i live in san diego,
i am the best knowledge of mma down here, no one knows more or i mean i have never meet a person who knows more than i,
i have gone to 5 ufc events live one wec event in march will be my 6th event

favorite fighters

andre arlovski, anderson silva, gsp, chuck lidell, kenny florian to name a few

and i have been banned once, and might happen again some day

shoot me a holla i work alot so when i get time i will check out your team page see if i wanna join up

thank you
2/11/09 11:53:35AM
You'd fit in as a Bully

Follow the link in my sig and PM Bojangalz.

2/11/09 12:42:38PM
you sound like a perfect fit for the bullies
2/11/09 4:41:49PM
WTT doesnt have over 50 members but we do have a championship underneath our belts and a will to win.

if your not hung up on the 50+ thing then you should let me know.
2/11/09 7:27:17PM
You should come join the mafia. We are the coolest camp around just look at these testimonialshttp://www.mmaplayground.com/forums/topic26515-6.html
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